These are just a few of the common injuries workers can suffer when they use portable or bench power tools like grinders, drills, nail guns, chain saws and sanders. According to the WSH Statistics, about 3248 cases of accident involve in power tool accidents last year. This is applicable to Metal Working, Manufacturing, Construction and all other industries that involve the use of power tools.

Many of these accidents can and should be prevented.

  • Electrocution;
  • Eye injury;
  • Severed tendons;
  • Laceration;
  • Amputation;
  • Puncture.

WSH Act specify that employers are “responsible for the safe condition of tools and equipment” that their workers use, including the personal tools and equipment that workers furnish for themselves.

Course Outline

  • Understanding relevant WSH Act, Regulations and safety requirements
  • Tool hazards
identification and control
  • Common accidents
  • Introductions to different types of power tools and proper usage
  • Type of Safety guarding and controls
  • Tools pre operation and safety check procedure
  • Use of proper personal protective equipment
  • Practical practices and assessment