Traffic Control Manager Course

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Traffic Control Manager Course

Public Run at ASC Training Hub


Do you know that working on/near/adjacent to the road is as dangerous as working in a construction site? Ineffective planning and poor risk management are the major causes of incidents. Effective roadwork safety planning & management is the solution to preventing unnecessary accidents.


This course will cover effective planning and management  traffic control at workzone and public safety. Attendees will learn on proper management for traffic control and road safety as well as proper planning based on previous case studies

What will this course cover?

  • Traffic management objective and legal responsibilities
  • Introduction to code of practice traffic control at workzone
  • System control for Traffic Management
  • Safety Procedure in traffic controls
  • Introduction in establish Good Traffic Control Plan
  • Case Studies discussions


Who should attend?

This course is suitable for all Engineers, Management and WSH personnel who need to plan, project management and WSH professionals assessing the work on / near / adjacent to the road or construction site access (especially those involved in roadwork projects & construction worksites), and responsible for Safety, Health and Risk Management.


Course Fee: (7% GST excluded)

Traffic Control Manager Course

Course Details

Available in English/Mandarin languages

Course Duration

4 hours

Course Fees

S$ 160.00

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Tuesday, 26 Feb 20199.30am to 1.30pmOpen Book Now