What is WSH?

As your designated safety consultancy partner, we’ll provide your organisation with cost-effective solutions that work! Our network of qualified safety consultants will study your work environment to ensure compliance with local regulations (MOM, NEA, SCDF, LTA), identify sources of risk and potential hazards, and apply suitable control strategies.

Having worked closely with relevant government bodies, as well as clients in various fields, we understand the challenges faced by different industries and are dedicated to providing a one-stop safety solution to our clients. We ensure the most stringent standards are maintained with our wide range of safety services, training courses, audits and customer service support.

MOM workplace safety

Advance Safe offers a variety
of services in Singapore

At Advance Safe, our WSH consultants believe in upholding working environments that live up to the WSH-standards put in place by the MOM in Singapore. We provide an extensive variety of WSH services for businesses of all sizes and industries.

Why choose us?

At Advance Safe, our workplace safety and health (WSH) consultants and professionals provide quality WSH safety services. We
believe in upholding excellence in all that we do and strive to create a safer working environment for all members of the workforce in
Singapore. We follow MOM’s standards very closely and provide workplace safety and health course to our officers and consultants
to inform and educate their clients with utmost conviction and sincerity.

MOM workplace safety

Moreover, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to WSH. We conduct comprehensive assessments to provide constructive
advice and consulting services to all our clients in Singapore.

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